Nov 20, 2010

Michael Cunts

Ever since I saw Michael Kontz in a 24/7 episode, I got a bad feeling. My gut winced every time I saw him on camera or heard his voice and the reason is simple. The guy is a supreme sleazebag and reminds me of Lord of the Rings's Grima Wormtongue, the adviser to the King of Rohan. Simply put, that last fight felt bought and the fact that this gopher is hovering around Manny simply inspires some frustrating thoughts as a boxing fan.

But then again, his mere name is an indicator of what he seems to bring to the table and Manny and Freddie Roach are equally in the red for not getting this demon out of their throng. That his mere name is getting thrown into boxing discussions is an indicator of his level of doucheness and if anything, I’d tie this piece of shit along with Leonard Ellerbe (Floyd Mayweather’s promoter/adviser) and I’d throw them to the wolves.

These type of people bring down the sport of boxing and does the sport NO service. So kindly, hand in your chips, go to Bermuda and get the fuck out of negotiations.



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