Nov 16, 2010

Why Advertising Really Sucks? Take Skyline, for example.

Someone has said that advertising is a cool way to lie. Working in this business, I would gladly agree to that. We lie. We take every little fact that there is about a product or service and we tweak it so that we can sell the shit out of it. Do we leave the bad stuff behind? But of course! Do sometimes the product/services that we make the campaigns for are not that great? Sure! Sometimes they have flaws, sometimes they just are not ideal for one type of person.

But I've never seen an advertising campaign where you take something that is a COMPLETE PIECE OF SHIT, the most awful thing known to man - and market the fuck out of it so that it seems that it's at least, great. Case in point, the movie Skyline.

Let's see the trailer, please.

OK! So while you might think this movie is... let's see... worth the ticket price, if you think that it might be a good sci fi movie, if the effects convince you to dish out your money for this - and you actually go to see it? Then you are a fool, just like me. You bought the advertising, hook line and sinker. You believed every single item of the campaign. They got you. With some cool billboards, great trailers, awesome outdoors and decent media coverage. Oh yeah, let's throw in some great press conferences, shall we! But in fact, this movie is just plain awful.

How bad is Skyline? 2012 is brilliant compared to this. Howard the Duck is totally watchable. Final Analysis, which for me represented every bad movie in the history of mankind has lost its place in the "No Way I'm Seeing that Again". Yes, a movie which has a bad guy called Pepe Carrero (sounds like a sunday cartoon character) and almost no plot is actually better than Skyline.

What bothered me about this movie? Well, after the fact that it was the first time in YEARS since I've wanted to actually LEAVE a movie theater after only 10 minutes, I stood there and thought, well, I'm pot commited. I paid for this and maybe I'm jumping to conclusions.

Um, no. This movie is just so bad to see, please I beg you to not go watch it. Don't even see it on HBO. Not even a saturday rerun at TBS.

This movie has no structure. No plot. And when I mean no plot is... THEY DON'T EXPLAIN ANYTHING. No character development. Nothing. You leave the movie theater wondering, like a car accident, what the fuck just happened. Why are the aliens invading earth? Beats me. Where do they come from, what do they want? This seems not important. How are the characters relevant to each other more so than that they are in the same space at the moment of the invasion? Not something they really want to go so much into.

This is just a movie about special effects, some aliens fucking with people, insert some fire and guns. Period.

The acting is just horrendous. You feel no connection whatsoever with ANY of the characters (oooh right, it's because they don't develop their stories, yeah). At the end of the movie, I was laughing at myself for being there and actually rooting for the aliens to eat them all up. The sooner the better so I could leave.

Don't trust me? By all means, go and see it. I double dog dare you. If you enjoy it... then your license to watch movies has been revoked. FOR ALL TIME.

Don't believe the hype, people. It's just advertising. Skyline, as advertising, sucks.


Joker said...

Hmmm... this smells like a future guilty pleasure for me. hahahahahaha :D

I thought it would suck, but it'd been a while since I saw such interesting backlash from all parts.

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