Apr 1, 2011

Top 25 women you’d love to take home to mom - TOP 5

5. Danica McKellar

I hear women say that smart is sexy. Well guess what, they’re right and I’ve lost count how many beautiful women are insignificant to me because there’s nothing beneath the wonderful candy shell. Danica McKellar is brains, brawn, and a whole lot of beauty and I’m not just saying this because I had a crush on her during the Wonder Years. I’m saying this because apart from her exploits as a childhood dream who bloomed up to be even more beautiful than what she used to be, she’s smart, isn’t afraid to be smart, and promotes people to be smart. If that’s not a keeper in the eyes of your mom, then I don’t know what is.

4. Jennifer Love Hewitt

Brains, beauty, talent … these things are all important. But they all pale in comparison to what you believe in and standing up to the media. That’s not something you see every day and when some bikini pics of Jennifer Love Hewitt surfaced where she wasn’t perfect and snotty ass people began to call her porky and something of the sort, she stood up for herself and said she was happy with the way she was. Simply put, there needs to be more of that being passed around and I’m sure moms all over the world were watching, approving and breaking out the old swimsuit to enjoy themselves.

3. Kate Beckinsale

Few people can make men melt the way Kate Beckinsale does when she just talks or smiles. Add to this that her beauty is breathtaking but not over the top and your mom will definitely approve. Let’s put it this way, few women have shown less cleavage and been more of a bombshell than Kate Beckinsale and when you can be gorgeous while always being a lady, well, that’s definitely something to write home about.

2. Emma Watson

For years men have felt guilty watching the Harry Potter movies. Let’s face it, Emma Watson is beautiful, she’s always been beautiful and if she continues her path, she’ll always be beautiful. To boot, she not only plays the smart one in the Harry Potter universe but is actually a smart one, once even considering dropping from the franchise to focus on her studies. If that’s not having aspirations, I don’t know what is because she could be a permanent resident on easy street, but that’s not enough. So now that’s she’s twenty, let us rejoice and accept that she’s had a spell on us for quite some time.

1. Tina Fey

Successful, brilliant, hilarious and beautiful. The whole sh’bang, the entire enchilada, the cake and then some. This woman proves that you don’t have to be pretentious to be desirable and you know she’ll be smart enough to always know the right thing to say to your mom. To up the ante even further, at 40 she simply reaffirms that a truly great woman is like wine and only gets better with age.


Me said...

Never could have figured out your number 1, dude. And I actually know you! Whoa.

Joker said...

He he he he... I'm full of surprises it seems. Now how about your list of 25 guys you'd take home to momma? lol

Me said...

I can make a top 10... I think. Let me think it ovah.

And dude. You BOTH owe us at least one ROUND of alcohol. And I mean hard core. No one glass bullshit. You set the date. :O)

daren said...

I guess no one wants to take a black chick home to mom. LOL

Jorge said...

Oh dang.... Well honorary mention would definitely go to Alicia Keys. :D

Joker said...

Lol , good point Daren and hey Jorge, Alicia Keys is definitely not a bad choice.

But I'm making another list of women I grew up in love with and there are a few wonderful black women that stole my heart. But thinking of black women I'd take home to mom, I'd have to say:

Stacey Dash
Thandie Newton
Jada Pinkette Smith

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