Apr 3, 2011

Top 10 Men I'd love to take home to Mom.

 I have to say that I've never taken ALL the men I've dated to Mom... and thank God for that. There are dudes out there that serve one purpose and well, it's not Meeting Mom worthy. But since Joker took on his list and people asked me about my men, I will try - I repeat, TRY - to attempt at least 10 men I'd actually think about bringing home to meet the family. My choices are based on whatever. Maybe handsome, maybe funny... who knows. These are the men that are king of my domain.

1) George Clooney
This is a man I would take home to mom in a second. Intelligent, socially conscious, can actually survive malaria, handsome, has a great voice, has an amazing smile. And the fact that he doesn't want to get married is the kicker. Ah. Just perfect.
2) Bruce Willis
All I can say is... he saw me in person, he actually looked at me and waved, he knows I love him and this is totally true. My life is perfect now because of that fact. Still wearing my watch on my right hand, Bruce. I heart you.
3) Bradley Cooper
I just watched him on The Hangover and I lost it. He's such a cool cat! This dude seems like the man I would totally have fun hanging out at a bar and could surprise me with some cliché romantic date that I would not mind going along with.

4) Brad Pitt
Perfection after Clooney. That's all I'm saying.

5) Cary Grant
We didn't have the alive or dead rule, did we? Mr Grant was the original George Clooney and boy, I cannot change the channel everytime I see him. The voice, the elegance. This is what a man should be.

6) Marlon Brando
Another Not alive but still on my list dude. This is the only man in my list that I consider beautiful. Besides, I would have had the honor of telling Mom: "He's the guy in Godfather!"

7) Quentin Tarantino
This man has a direct line to my heart. He makes everything perfect. My favorite movies of all time are his. This would mean the world for me to date him... but just for a while. I have this weird feeling that he would freak me out over time.

8) Nev Schulman
Sitting alone in the Angelika NYC theater watching Catfish, I realized that I had fallen in love with this amazingly charming and handsome man. One talented photographer, a great documentary... and one unforgettable smile. Catfish is great because he is compelling to watch. You start to care about him instantly and you worry about him every step of the way. I hope to see more of him soon.

9) Nate Berkus
Ah... the one that got away. Everytime I see Nate on Oprah I cannot help myself but smile. Nate has the charming dial up to eleven. The man that he's dating is very, very lucky.

10) Robert Redford
The original Brad Pitt, this man IS SEXY AS HELL! I mean... look at him! Oh and to boot, he from a very young age started producing his own films, started Sundance... this man knows how to do stuff perfectly. Let me put it this way: if the he had made an Indecent Proposal to me, I would have GLADLY screwed him FOR FREE. And I would have stuck with him at the end, forgetting everything. No questions asked.


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