Jun 29, 2011

The ten Advertising Commandments – 2011 Edition

Commandments are supposed to be guidelines for you to live a full and righteous life. Advertising people often lose perspective of what matters so here’s a list of commandments that will lead you to enlightenment.

1. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s layout.

Envy is destructive and focusing on what someone else is doing will take your focus from what YOU have to do. Focus Daniel san or Danielle daughter.

2. Thou shalt honor the Sabbath and the Sundayeth.

If you always have to work late and weekends your job sucks. This is obvious and it’s sad you needed someone to tell you but hey, that’s what we’re here for. Your weekends should be sacred, your job shouldn’t.

3. Honor thy family over thy corporate family.

Fuck HR and their psycho babble. A corporate family exists simply because we spend more time working together than we do living life. Never dare to put your family in a balance with your profession or you will live to regret it.

4. Thou shalt not worship any type of bronze, silver or golden idol.

Advertising prizes serve merely to stroke your ego and possibly get more money. They also happen to often be fixed and just because you did the best work doesn’t mean it’ll win anything. It’s not an Oscar or an Emmy and regardless, if what you do to get that award makes you feel empty, then what’s the point.

5. Thou shalt not steal ideas from Archive magazine.

Success should not depend on a subscription and the ability to plagiarize.

6. Thou shalt not murder thy personal life.

Simple reminder: You have a life, live it.

7. Thou shalt not cheat on your chosen partner with your job.

If you spend way much more time working than spending time with your loved one, you’re wrong and it’s not too late. Every day that you do not remedy this is a lost opportunity to live.

8. Thou shalt not think thou art curing cancer.

You are making an advertisement. Have pride in your work, but never lose perspective of what you’re really doing. You might sell more chicken, maybe an extra car, maybe you’ll convince someone to try something new… but you are not saving the world. It’s just a job.

9. Thou shalt not be more creative in what you wear than what you do.

If your wardrobe is more creative than your work, you have a problem.

10. Thou shalt always have thy résumé updated.

Empower yourself and you will disarm your job from making you think that you HAVE to be there.


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