Jul 20, 2011

The Top 35 Sidekicks of All Time - Vol.1 #'s 35-31

The single most important thing that makes a sidekick great can be summed up in one word: loyalty. Unflinching, unquestioning, loyalty. It’s not that they always get along with their hero counterparts; it’s just that no matter the situation, no matter the peril, they’ve got your back. That and to quote Jerry McGuire, they complete you. As per usual with my lists, let’s start with an honorable mention:

Notable Mention:


Roy got bit by a white tiger and not only did Siegfried stick by him, he helped him stage a final performance with the same tiger that did it. If that isn’t dedication and loyalty, I don’t know what is. And yes, true, they are life partners, but let’s not get technical shall we.

#35. Rob Schneider:

Every single Schneider cameo in an Adam Sandler film has paid dividends. You see, doing it is easier when you have someone rooting for you to do it (whatever it is). The fact that it shows they’re friends doesn’t hurt either.

#34. Pedro Sánchez:

Who else would carry your cake for undetermined distances so you could conquer a woman? No one. That’s why he gets the vote to be on this list.

#32. & #33. Lohan & Ghost Server

Wuxia comics from China aren’t big stateside but as a kid I was a huge fan. Part of my favorite writing (even with their translation issues) came from the Chinese Hero saga (Also known As The Blood Sword). It was the tales of good versus evil with pretty mature subject matter since sex, violence and grizzly kung-fu deaths was par for the course. Within Chinese Hero, two characters were special enough to make this list. Lohan and Ghost Server. Both loyal to the bitter end… especially in the case of one of them who did make it to a bitter end, both of these loyal friends disregarded the supposed curse of Hero and sucked up the consequences for being his friend. That their skills rocked big time is a definite plus. If you look at recent translations, they refer to Ghost Server as Shadow… but since I’ve seen enough characters named Shadow, I opt for the first name I knew him as.

#31. Al Powell

Offering moral support is essential to a good sidekick… being able to provide it when you’re not even in the same building transcends normal boundaries to show that when there’s trust, all you need is a glazed jelly doughnut, a walkie-talkie and the nerve to stick by a real cop even when the feds show up.


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