Sep 5, 2011

Dear George Lucas: A tale of too many revisions.

Dear Mr. Lucas;

I write this not on my behalf, but in name of all the Star Wars fans out there. Well, I could say that I have a slight interest in this theme, since I'm a lover of all things evil. Fidel Castro, Satan, Hannibal Lecter - truly evil characters of fiction which kick some serious ass. Did I include Darth Vader in the "Five Villains that Define Me" list? Nah. Vader was bad, but not bad enough for me.

And then you came to make him a total loser wimp. You decided, for some god forsaken reason, to destroy a generation's villain - for your blu ray release.

Sir, you just pissed off a lot of people. And some of them want to know why. You see, George - yeah, I'm on a first name basis now with you - you had a great film that defined a generation, that created geeks, nerds, dweebs... in a good way. You made them feel like they wanted to travel the universe, fighting evil. And yes, I'll even admit that somewhere in my childhood there was a moment where I designed a full X-wing in a discarded Refrigerator box, full of cushions and Barbies (and this will be the last time I'll ever acknowledge it, ever). So there. I did enjoy the Wars when I was little. I did want to use the force, for a while. And when I grew up, while my love for all things Luke and Leia faded, I still thought that Vader kicked ass.

And then, you decided to release your movies on Blu Ray and made, along with Ewoks being able to blink (WTF!?), this piece of crap:

No? NOOOOOO? What IS THIS? Vader's silent sacrifice was EPIC, Mr. Lucas! And YOU RUINED IT! Now this is an example of taking something and revising, revising and revising until you take a good film and destroy it. Jesus H. Christ, let's just hope Coppola doesn't take Godfather and make Santino survive the bullets, because I could not handle it. You CANNOT take a film that has been adored and loved for ages and decide to change a character! You can revise mistakes, you can revise the look, you can touch up all the crap things you wanted on this film so that it can be better, but you cannot suddenly take the single moment of a story and think... let's change it up a bit. Did you think no one would notice?

And talking about revisions and advertising - a word of caution: as a sort of working ad person, I would STRONGLY recommend you to announce stupid changes to your work BEFORE you start selling your product. You see, some of your fans won't like to buy your Blu Ray and discover - AGAIN - that you decided to revise it for the eleventh time. You already had bad marks for revising Han and Greedo's shooting scene: all the CGI in the world cannot make it right again, HAN SHOT FIRST, period.

* Jesus. This post is nerd to the max. Oh well. *

In conclusion, Old George, I need you to do one thing for me. In fact, my generation needs a favor from you. You need to stop meddling with Star Wars films. Period. If you want to revise something, focus on Howard the Duck. If you feel the need to do something creative, I would suggest a radical idea: MAKE A NEW MOVIE. Yes! You can do it! A new movie, about a new subject NON SPACEY or NOT HEROISH. Yes George, you know you can do it.

Use the force.


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