Sep 1, 2011

Feel Better. Even Morgan Spurlock doesn't get his concepts approved sometimes.

In his latest documentary, The Greatest Movie Ever Sold, Morgan Spurlock tackles our bread and butter: advertising. And you know what? It's amusing, funny and sort of a great film to watch - at least for us. While this movie explains the wonderful world of advertising in a very simple way - Morgan suffers just like the rest of us on those little things that annoy the fuck out of us in a very daily way.

Yes, just like us, Morgan gets concepts shut down. Yes, just like us, Morgan gets unnerving comments which make absolutely no sense about his ideas. He gets stupid revisions and gets - are you sitting down? - references in creativity which he needs to follow. This alone made it a great film to watch because hey, if a famous director suffers the same thing I do, then it's a movie I would gladly recommend to any of you out there.

The Greatest Movie ever sold's premise is simple: while going into the ugly effects that advertising have on our public's life (and maybe our own) - he decides that it was going to be very easy to sell ad space in his movie. Starting with the name of the film and all the things he might need to use in the process of making his film... and then he learns... yup. Clients seldom understand amazing and risky concepts, therefore no, I cannot run an ad on your movie. While it would make total sense, lots of brands decided "yup, not for me". Ah, how I've suffered from that line as well.

Is this a movie for the masses? Sort of. People do acknowledge that there is too much advertising around them, but we still encourage more and more production of it. Governments in the US do not limit the ad content that people see around them. We, and I know you will totally agree, are a sort of disgusting social cancer that spreads way fast and everytime you try to remove a little for your own good, it just spreads somewhere else to do more damage.

Oh, and the assholes. Yes! Spurlock's movie has the right balance of normal ad people and gems of bullshitters. Yey! In short, this documentary will make you smile and nod while laughing at what you do on a daily basis. You cannot miss it.


Saeclorum said...

I watched this movie recently and found it very entertaining and informative :c:::(barface)

I think advertising is really apart of our culture. Imagine new york like sao paulo. That would be the most incredible photoshop picture ive ever seen.

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