Apr 17, 2012

5 Reasons not to quit this job, according to: Me.

1. (Insert some bullshit here.)

2. (Insert a line that I don't believe here.)

3. (Try to bullshit myself a little bit more here.)

4. (Write something that does not make any type of sense here.)

5. (Leave this line blank, because you can't think of five reasons not to quit anyway.)


Joker said...

1. The world will collapse if you stop working on this account.

2. Deep down I really love working at this job.

3. Deeper than that, I feel the need to continue proving that I can do better work, with less money, less time and more revisions. It’s a challenge.

4. When I meditate, I float through the ether in a ship that is plastered with the logo of my company.

5. I’ll leave this blank, because I don’t need more than these reasons not to quit.

Osama Zain said...

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