Jan 24, 2013

You are not what you drive

It’s so adorable to see people who measure their self worth depending on the vehicle they acquire. Seriously, one thing is to get the car you want and enjoy your drive. That’s completely fine and I’m happy for everyone who enjoys getting behind the wheel of a car… but thinking you are worth more than a person because you drive a BMW or ANY luxury car is just… well cute.

I use cute instead of douchelike, childish or ridiculous, because I really can’t take someone seriously when they weigh people with such a scale. For me, a car is a mode of transportation and although I recognize I’m not your typical dude who slobbers over RPMs, horsepower and other details, I can appreciate a good ride when I drive one.

Sure, some people may drive a certain type of car to project something or status… reasons I’ve heard and can understand even though I don’t necessarily prescribe to such a philosophy… but I get it. What I don’t get is the people who look down on other people BECAUSE of what they drive… especially when they’re tools.

To me, fancy cars are exactly the same as fancy titles like MD, ESQ, MBA, CPA or whatever the fuck. They may mean something to someone, but to me, I’ve met enough idiots with a PHD to not allow myself the illusion of worth based on academic merit.

Put it this way… a person may have a PHD, but you have no idea if they were a C student. Much the same way, a person may have a BMW, but they might owe the fillings in their teeth. It’s all about appearances.

For me, I’ll continue being the car I drive, foreign, inconspicuous, a good deal and surprisingly dependable.



RestrictionsApply said...

Oh man, this shit happens with cycling as well. Don't get me started on the fixie hipsters...

Joker said...

Fixie hipsters? The amount of visuals is almost too much to bear. lol

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