Jun 2, 2014

Oh my God, we’re SO connected

It’s amazing, really… every time I write an agency asking about the money I’m owed, they were just thinking about me, they just asked about the status of my petition and they were drawing me with water colors and happy little trees. Truly, the level of connectedness with an agency I undercharged for work I did in record time is amazing.

Three months I’ve been connected with someone who contracted me where every-single-time I write, they were spooked by how connected we are. It's uncanny. 

It’s not that I don’t matter since they received what they needed and the other part of the equation is collateral. It’s just that the fates have not aligned so I can receive pay for the service I offered in 9 days because I’m sure anyone could have translated a 115 page manual in that time. They just saw the connection we had and allowed me the honor to translate it.

That companies take some time to pay is understandable. That an agency working on an account you know finished their fiscal year two months ago takes over three months to pay for something they needed rush is not a lack of professionalism, it’s just something that happened… because of the fates.

The interesting thing is that I’ve actually worked for this client before... not the agency... the client. I know the people who work the account. So maybe an email to them will show just how connected we all are.

May the fates smile kindly to all those who pay on time and dispense with the drama and bullshit that truly shows why advertising sucks.


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