Aug 22, 2014

Call me when you want to get to the point

Some people just LOVE to fucking ramble. In today’s world, keeping attention is a challenge in and of itself. Between our cell phones, our emails, Tweeting about life, taking pictures of food on Instagram, taking a porno peek and life in general, this A.D.D. generation multitasks not because it’s trendy or cool, but because it is nowadays genetically inclined to do so.

So why the hell does one person not understand that if they have one thing to say, taking 25 minutes to say so is poor time management? You can buy bitcoins, gold, stocks and trade but in the end nothing is more valuable than time... and to have someone squander this precious commodity, well that’s unacceptable.

- If you aren’t sure how to explain what you need to talk about, don’t come over.

- If the “it’ll take just 5 minutes” rule will be broken, don’t come over.

- If you want to mix in this topic with three others, don’t come over.

- If you see that I’m busy and that you are not, don’t come over.

It’s not that I’m not willing to engage in conversation, it’s just that people who don’t get to the point get on my nerves for several reasons. This is time I could be spending with my wife or with my mom. It’s time I could be investing in writing. I could catch up with friends, or I dunno, leave at a humane hour... but no... someone has someone they have to say... they’re just not sure how to say it.......... fun times.


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