Sep 3, 2007

No Slugs, but still good: Invasion

Where I live it has been raining non stop, and you know what that means... Let's go out to the movies time. So, here I am, hot off the movie theater, where I had the pleasure to revisit one of my childhood movies, or something like that. I went to see Invasion.

For all of you young people out there, this is a version (yet another one) of Invasion of the Body Snatchers. An interesting thought, this is a movie that has many different generations. It first started with the original version, filmed in 1956. Then, my generation (or sort of) had the 1978 version, which totally rocked and scared the shit out of a young Me (screw you, I'm not that old, I saw a rerun when I was little in the 80's). Now, Generation C (Content) has the pleasure of enjoying the new version, Invasion, with Nicole Kidman and that hot stud Daniel Craig.

I should point out that I'm a bit biased, because I truly believe that my childhood version totally kicked some serious ass. I mean... Jesus I can still hear the screams today. Nah, not mine, I mean the screams when someone was identified as not one of the "snatchers". Eeek. To this day I sometimes scream and point to my friends as a joke. But still, this new version has some cool shit too.

Same principles apply. You can't go to sleep. You can't show emotion. That's not too hard for Kidman, which has her face loaded with Botox, and still she delivers a great part. The "invasion" has a new twist, much more High Tech and CDC-like. I guess you can call it more realistic - come on... the slugs in this day and age would be a joke. Also, the movie features a great kid, Jackson Bond, which is totally lovable and cute. The kid steals the show.

My advice is... just don't expect the total fright in your pants, just enjoy the tension... and don't fall asleep...


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