Dec 25, 2007

There must be a God.

(Let me start off by saying that all my grandparents, from both sides, are alive and well. You'll need this info to understand this post.)

I am, definitively, not the most religious person that you will meet. In fact, I can bet money that out of all the writers here at WAS, I am the most lacking faith, period. Some people out there start off with faith and lose it somewhere. I never had it, not at all, and I think it was because of my upbringing. In a family of doctors, you will probably learn that life is short and when you die, you die. I can't blame them (my dad's side), they come from another point of view and well, religion was not something they followed since a body is cured and treated from a scientific angle...

But today, something wonderful happened. Something... that scared and amazed the shit out of me. And since this blog is also a way to write stuff so that we never forget, please bear with me and let me write this amazing story.

My grandpa (mother's side) is going under the knife tomorrow. A sort of heart surgery. He's kind of old and tired. My grandma will be there tomorrow, worrying sick about him. And as my christmas gift, I decided to spend the whole afternoon with both of them. I kind of needed to give him and grandma so much joy, they will be stronger tomorrow. So I got in my car, drove all the way to the house and gave them loads of hugs, kisses and told as many stupid jokes that I could remember, just to hear them both laugh.

Let me give you the background so you can understand. When I call my grandparents, I always ask the same thing. How are you doing... Are you taking your vitamins? Are you sick? Do you need anything? Need me to mow the yard? I seldom talk about my personal life. It's not that I don't want to share, it's just that I don't need them to worry about stupid things that I can handle on my own. In fact, I do that with my mother as well. I never go into the nitty gritty of my life, because I like to let them know that everything is ok, even if it is ok or not. I never say names, is my point.

So I'm in the middle of yapping about something, when all of the sudden, my grandma looks at me with the most incredible smile and proceeds to tell me something that she doesn't know. Something extremely personal. Something that she has NO POSSIBLE WAY of knowing. Something completely true. I never talk about my lovelife, not even with my own mother... So I go silent. Am I right, she asks? I can tell her that she's wrong, but I can't lie to my grandma. Yes ma, you're right. She smiled.

There must be a God in heaven. I cannot fathom any other explanation. My grandma has the best, incredible gift a human being can have. She shines. Don't know what that means? Basically? Um. Um... I cannot explain it. She knows stuff. Stuff that you never tell a soul, she knows. She can sit next to you and tell you exactly what is going on in your life, both present; and future. It is THE most amazing thing you can witness. It sends shivers down your spine, because you know, deep in your heart, that this gift of hers is something holy and unexplainable. I sat there, and looked at her face... thought... this woman has a connection with something divine. How is it possible, I ask myself...

Then I smiled back. Mami gave me a great gift today. She returned my faith back to me. If my grandma can connect with me on a way that no one can, then... there must be a God.

I got the best Christmas gift, ever.


Ad Broad, oldest working writer in advertising said...

Wonderful post and heartening reminder that religion ain't the only way to believe. Best of luck to your grandpa today. You gave them best Christmas gift ever, too.

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