Aug 18, 2008

On the Second Day, God created: Diggnation VideoPodcasts @ TiVo.

If you are like Me, you worship the devil and you like Diggnation. Fridays come and you know that somewhere in the net there is the latest episode waiting for you. You can either download the podcast via iTunes or Revision You can also watch it there, at the Diggnation channel. But... you get to see it on your computer.

Well, I don't have a shitload of money so I don't own a huge motherfucking monitor that doubles as a tv. In fact, I have a normal MacBook, which has made watching Diggnation a true calling. Sometimes the connection (if I try on Fridays) are very slow, I have to wait for it to stream all the way so I can watch it without stopping.

I guess God listened to the "Fuck Me!" and "This Fucking Fuck!", nice little shouts that can be heard from my living room, usually when the feed shuts down and I have to wait to see Kevin and Alex do their stuff. Maybe he thought, enough with the little cursing bitch, let's give her what she wants. So God, or something holy, made Diggnation available for download at TiVo.

Simple. Go to the download programs section and choose a Diggnation Season Pass. The shows will directly end up in your TiVo, without you doing a thing. They look quite good, in fact, even better than internet, even in high resolution form. Alex and Kevin sure look nice. Very nice. Fuckable nice. Ok, not fuckable. Maybe Friends with Benefits nice.

So, there you go. All my wishes are coming true. Well, maybe then the flying car will actually one day be sold while I am alive. Yyyyyyyyyyyeah, right.


1Letterman said...

I vastly prefer Around The Net from G4. Comes out daily, and all the stuff on it ends up on Digg.

Plus Olivia Munn is just smokin' hot.

Erin said...

Kevin Rose is totally fuckable. Diggnation is sweet but I just end up waiting until Saturday morning to download. Sadly no TiVo for me...

Me said...

Erin!!! No TiVo? Blasphemy. Just kidding. I strongly advise for you to get your hands on one as soon as you can. Life without it is... unthinkable.

(Mine is kind of sick right now and I have trouble concentrating. It is horrible)

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