Nov 19, 2008

New Series: Tales from the Client Side

As mentioned in the previous post, I've gone hasta la bye bye from advertising though not as a whole mind you. I'll be working at the Public Relations Department for a company whose employee count outnumbers all other agencies I've worked at combined.

The experiences I'm already living are curious at the very least since I had been accustomed to a certain type of dunceness and now am being presented with a whole new type of corporate monster to try and domesticate. Enter Tales from the Client Side.

This new series will look into the random happenings that occur in a world demonimated (demonic denomination) as Cubus Corpus. It's my second day at this folks and trust me, I'm not in Kansas anymore.

Stay tuned.


RestrictionsApply said...

Public Relations? Hey, now you're in my neck of the woods.
Congrats and good luck.

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