Feb 14, 2009

5 villains that define: Joker

TIE 5. John Doe - Seven / Bill Foster - Falling Down

On one side you have a calculating killer hellbent on proving a point. Making examples out of people who are morally questionable to a supreme fault, yet who are not penalized for their sins. Sometimes I can't help but think some people would make better use of themselves by serving as compost.

As for Bill Foster... well lets face it, everyone has at least one day when they are truly about to snap. Think about what would happen if you said to hell with it and just did as you please. I think most people have a Bill Foster within them, they're just scared of admitting it and smarter than to let him loose.

4. Tyler Durden

What if your own worst enemy was you? Guilt, distorted self imagery... hell it ALL pales in comparison with Tyler Durden. He fucks like you want to fuck, looks like you want to look, talks like you want to talk and is how you think you want to be. If THAT isn't the greatest villain in any of our lives, then you've had a pretty fucked up life indeed.

3. Jigsaw

I have a thing about making a point and i rank Jigsaw far higher than John Doe for several reasons. He's creative, he's brutally honest, but he gives you all the tools so you can save yourself. What other type of killer does that and actually rejoices if you conquer your inner demons?

2. The Riddler

Riddle me this, what villain is second only to the Joker in villains that define me? The Riddler is by far one of the most compelling characters I've ever come across and I can't help but love his insanely creative and brilliant nature.... but he's no Joker.

1. The Joker

1990... I see Batman the film and my life changes. Finding a villain I can identify with at such an early age probably fucked me up for the rest of my life, but wow.... what fun I can have. I still remember when Me asked me to write on this blog or the first time I wrote via ICQ. I didn't have to think twice... my name is Joker and the fixation is ever evident in little details of my life. To put it simple, I keep a Joker card on me at all times. As if that weren't enough, a quote I've been repeating ever since I saw the movie shall stick with me until the day I die... If you gotta go... go with a smile.
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