Jul 22, 2011

The Top 35 Sidekicks of All Time - Vol.6 #'s 10-06

#10. Dwight Schrute

Capping off the Top 10 is Mr. Shcrute. Beet lover extraordinaire, Dwight lives to serve Michael… True he may have tried to betray him on more than one occasion, but he always managed to see the light… and by light I refer to any illumination reflected in the eyes of Michael.

#8 & #9. Ron and Hermione

Harry might have been the chosen one and the boy who lived, but without Ron and Hermione he wouldn’t have made it past the first book. Unwaveringly loyal, resourceful and there for the good, the bad and the muggly, Ron and Hermione prove that when friends become a couple, they don’t leave a good friend behind.

#7. Ed McMahon

Forever immortalizing the phrase “Here’s Johnny” Ed McMahon truly was one of the best sidekicks in existence, simply because he knew no better mission in life. Sure he hosted Star Search but it was his low-toned high-volume guffaw to push Johnny’s jokes that made him such an asset.

#6. Chewbacca

Though we probably know more than a couple of people that sound like Chewbacca when they’re drunk, there’s no replacing Chewie. Han Solo’s faithful companion through thick and thin not only saved the asses of Han, Leia, Luke, the droids and even Yoda, he never asked for even a Wookie biscuit, being more than satisfied just to do his duty. Unwavering, unflinching, and uncontested in his Dejarik skills (that weird 3D chess game).


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