Oct 5, 2011

Kindly reminder, I’m on your side Mr. Client

Why do clients insist on overanalyzing what you do as if you’re purposely trying to screw them over? I’m not talking about a new client who doesn’t know you. That I would understand. I’m talking about that 3 year old client that’s made your life a living hell and for whose needs you have always catered to. The one whose ass you’ve saved more times than you’d like to admit publicly and for whom extra hours have been sacrificed to no end.

I can vividly remember each and every time a client has come to me with a conflictive attitude just to shoot down the work developed by an ad team with no logical basis whatsoever for their arguments. I’ve also seen clients shoot things down because they were in a pissy mood. Hell, I’ve seen work get axed after the client asked 5 random people from different departments, at point blank, whether they thought the campaign was a piece of shit… and the people have actually defended the work….. but no. We made this campaign with secret messages and hidden penises because we want to fuck you over… actually, what’s funny is that when we half-ass things, put out a generic piece of shit or actually hide hidden cocks in the artwork, THAT’S when we get shit approved.

I often say that clients blow, but seriously. What gives? What’s your issue? What’s on your agenda that makes you think that we have nothing better to do than pine over a dumb ad that was once worthwhile, about six revisions ago?

When I present my creative, I do so either based on a strategy sent by the client or with supporting motives and reasons for everything from tone and manner to color scheme… but to them, it’s all smoke and mirrors. If it makes sense it’s that we did a good job of fooling them into thinking that the ad is ok and shame on them for not asking for four revisions.

Advertising is by no means an easy job, but not because people don’t have talent or because there’s a lack of passion. The problems of advertising are mainly due to the characters in the play, the mechanics in most agencies and the client agency relationships that doom campaigns from the getgo.

But in case you need a reminder Mr. or Mrs. Client, we’re on your side even though you’ll never be on ours.



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