Apr 16, 2014

Redo Resend Repeat

Fuck reduce, reuse and recyle… this is the bread and butter of the advertising industry and what clients pay for. They think they’re paying for creativity or strategy? Fuck no, they’re paying for rehashed ideas that have been revised ad nauseum. They’re getting refried beans. They’re getting last year’s leftovers with a zesty new twist of bullshit lime.

I have lost count how many times in advertising and beyond I’ve had to redo something because someone didn’t know how to explain something. And this is coming from someone who picks up the phone and walks to someone’s desk to ask and clarify. Yet I can’t help but feel as if we’re the Modern Times of office work.

Modern Times is a brilliant movie by Charles Chaplin talking about the effects of repetitive industrial operations that become embedded in Charlie beyond the point of his control and it begs the question, have we been doing things wrong so long, it requires a complete overhaul and relearning how to do things?

The simple answer: FUCK YES.

There is NO reason why you have to do something more than once with the exception of needing to meet the expectations of more than one person who in turn have visions that do not coincide. If you clarify, shit should get done in an average work day in time for you to go to your home, eat your Lean Cuisine and revel in the satisfaction of watching TV on your DVR and fastforwarding through what is essentially what you use to pay cable with, advertising work.

But instead of bitching about it and venting and ranting, here’s a call to arms. Fucking question the method. Question the process. Question the revisions. Question everything. Question every single goddamn opinion because that’s what it is, it’s an opinion and opinions often mean empty work that costs money rather than produce results.

So here’s to questioning and giving your traffic personnel and execs the ulcers they wish unto you, because guess what, after we get past this unpleasant bit of revision of processes, EVERYONE will be happy.



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